Remembering Gene Castillo

The memorial service Gene Castillo, longtime member of the Subud Boston, there were a number of pictures of Gene and her family taken over the course of her life. Emmanuel got copies of some of them and sent them for posting. As Emmanuel said in his email, “She was quite a babe, no?”

Amani House Paving Stones

Subud Washington, DC has set a paving stone to comemorate Subud Boston's contibution to the construction of the Amani Center

Subud Washington, DC has set a paving stone to comemorate Subud Boston’s contibution to the construction of the Amani Center

Dear Cassidy and Subud Boston,

As I write thank you notes and tax deduction notes, I am again humbled by the generous gift that Subud Boston gave of $5,000 last February. I am attaching a picture of your engraved brick, still awaiting its final home in our gardens.

The Amani Center is complete and open for business. Come visit soon!

I assume that Subud Boston can’t take tax deductions for gifts, but if you can, let me know to whom and how to write you a formal tax note.

With appreciation,

Barbara Thomas

Subud Boston Kedjiwaan Day, Feb 8 2015

Date: Sunday, February 8, 2015
Time: 10 o’clock AM
Place: Temple Beth Israel, 25 Harvard Street, Waltham, MA (Directions)


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Subud Boston is holding our annual Kedjiwaan Day on February 8, 10 AM at Temple Beth Israel in Waltham, MA. We hope you will be able to attend! Please use this SignUpGenius web page to let us know if you are coming and also to let us know what food you might bring. This will help us with planning.

LATIHAN & TESTING: Our Kedjiwaan Day is a chance to meet for a day of latihan and testing. The main focus will be on the latihan, our connection to God and our spiritual growth. The direction we will go in our testing is not fixed. As in the past, the helpers discuss and test about the purpose of the day beforehand, but our actual testing will be based on the interests and needs expressed by those who attend. Quiet time will start promptly at 10 AM and the first latihan begins at 10:15.

(If you feel the need for personal testing with helpers, please make arrangements for this with one of the helpers beforehand.)

FOOD: There will be a light, potluck lunch. If you plan to bring food, be aware that there is no kitchen and the circuitry in the temple will not support numerous hot plates, slow cookers, or other heating devices. Also, we will be depending as much as possible on disposable tableware. Also remember that Temple Beth Israel follows Jewish kosher rules about food. To make this simple, we can have dairy products but not meat. You can read the kosher rules on our web site at:

DINNER AFTERWARDS: There are no formal plans for dinner afterwards, but it often happens that some decide to go out to a restaurant together for a chance to chat and eat together before going home. If you would like to do that, contact Ruslan Henderson.

The regular latihan that evening is cancelled.

DIRECTIONS: To get to Temple Beth Israel from the north or the south, follow Rte. I-95/128 to the Rte. 20 Exit (Exit 26) and follow Rte. 20 east into Waltham. Turn right on Harvard Street. The Temple is 2 blocks down on the right. You can find a Google map on our web site.

We hope you can join us!

Cassidy Sterling
Chair, Subud Boston, Inc.

Your Kind Gift will do Twice the Good!

International Child Development

International Child Development

Subud Portland &
Subud Enterprise Services
are offering a joint

NOW through August 31

They will match any donations made to
Susila Dharma USA
up to a total of $15,000!

through August 31,2014

and participate in creating the core of the SDUSA granting money for 2015, supporting 25 educational, community development and family and child assistance programs funded annually by SDUSA.

Center for Cultural Development, India

Center for Cultural Development, India

#1 Make check or money order to ‘SDUSA’

#2 Add
SP/SES MF to Memo Line

#3 Mail to
Rifka Several
SDUSA Admin Asst
50616 Hwy 245
Badger, CA 93603

Or donate on line at
Subud Portland/SES Matching Fund will double the dollars!

The Water Project, Indonesia

The Water Project, Indonesia

Thank You! Your contribution to SDUSA is granted worldwide for

  • Child Development & Education
  • Community Health & Wellbeing
  • Community Development & Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Protecting the Environment

Thank You Subud Portland and Subud Enterprise Services
for your generous matching fund!

Susila Dharma USA • 4216 Howard Rd. • Beltsville, MD 20705 • 301-595-0626 |

Al Aronie Springs back

Emmanuel’s cousin and our friend, Al Aronie has been suffering from severe colitis and a couple of weeks ago he underwent surgery to have his entire colon removed. According to Emmanuel, he is doing amazingly well and is already back into the swing of things.

All of our thoughts go out to Al at this time as well as our heartfelt thanks for the hospitality he and his family have extended to us over the years for the annual Pond Party that Emmanuel has held at the house Al’s parents owned on White Pond in Concord. Al has now purchased that house from his brothers and so we will see him again this summer on July 19th as the Pond Party continues.

We are sending Al a Get Well card from Subud Boston.

April Schedule

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am running behind schedule this month so this is going to be a short message just to let you know the April schedule and a few bits of important information. I will send out a more complete newsletter hopefully by the end of the week.

Kedjiwaan Days: After the February Kedjiwaan Day, we were all so enthusiastic that at the Dewan meeting that followed we decided to try to have four Kedjiwaan Days a year. The first of these was set to happen in the beginning of May, but there are so many things going on in May that we subsequently decided that we would pull back on that. At the moment I don’t know whether that event will be happening; but, if it does, it will be held on May 4th at the Temple.

You will find the schedule for April below. The important date is April 13th, when we will be holding a general membership meeting. The meeting will be at 6:00 o’clock with a latihan beforehand. Quiet time for the premeeting latihan begins as 5:15 PM.

There are no birthdays in April and the meeting is being held on what would have been Birthday Night. But it would be good, I think, to bring some light snacks. If anyone could bring fruit, crackers, bread, or cheese, that would be great.