April General Meeting

We held the general meeting on Sunday, April 13. We discussed the group’s finances, the need to care for our latihan facilities, and the schedule for the upcoming months. Below are some details, but perhaps the most vital discussion concerned finances. As things stand at the moment, we are not quite bringing in enough revenue to cover our most basic expenses. If you have not pledged, please consider your situation carefully and pledge what you can afford. If you think you could raise your donation a bit, this would be very helpful. If you have any fundraising ideas, please discuss them with your brothers and sisters. Funding our group is a responsibility that all of us share.


April Schedule 2

April 6  Testing Night
 April 13  Membership Meeting (5:15 pm for latihan, Meeting begins at 6:00 pm sharp)
 April 20  Easter (Regular Latiahan, but Dewan Meeting postponed to April 27)
 April 27  Dewan Meeting, (5:15 pm for latihan, Meeting begins at 6:00 pm sharp)

From the Chair, February 25, 2014

Cassidy at an Indian carp hatcheryDear Sisters and Brothers,

We were happy to have the chance to see so many of our friends at the Kedjiwaan Day. The event was so successful that, at their meeting the following Sunday, the Dewan decided to try to hold Kedjiwaan Days more often. Because the national and regional congresses are to be held together at the end of May, the next one will be in the beginning of the month, probably May 4th. This one will be a local event but we are planning a larger, New England gathering to be held in September.

Location is a problem with these gatherings. Temple Beth Israel is not an ideal facility for social events, and it looks less and less likely that the Congregational Church of Westborough will be available; so, we are looking for a new venue with good latihan spaces, kitchen facilities and one that is accessible by public transportation.

Samuel has created an excellent financial report for us. Unfortunately, our financial situation is not very perky at the moment and, unless we increase our revenue, we may fall short by as much as $1600 by the end of the year. I urge all of you to read the report [Link] and, if you have not pledged yet, to consider how much you can afford.

I truly believe that, if we can support the group with both “time and treasure” Subud Boston will become more vital, it will grow, and our Subud group will begin to nourish us in ways that have not been manifestly apparent before. There is a change in the wind; and I am hoping that, through latihan, testing, participation, and hearts and minds that are open to the will of God, we are going to begin to experience a transformation.

Chair, Subud Boston