Remembering Gene Castillo

The memorial service Gene Castillo, longtime member of the Subud Boston, there were a number of pictures of Gene and her family taken over the course of her life. Emmanuel got copies of some of them and sent them for posting. As Emmanuel said in his email, “She was quite a babe, no?”

Al Aronie Springs back

Emmanuel’s cousin and our friend, Al Aronie has been suffering from severe colitis and a couple of weeks ago he underwent surgery to have his entire colon removed. According to Emmanuel, he is doing amazingly well and is already back into the swing of things.

All of our thoughts go out to Al at this time as well as our heartfelt thanks for the hospitality he and his family have extended to us over the years for the annual Pond Party that Emmanuel has held at the house Al’s parents owned on White Pond in Concord. Al has now purchased that house from his brothers and so we will see him again this summer on July 19th as the Pond Party continues.

We are sending Al a Get Well card from Subud Boston.

The Subud Library and Vernon Contessa

An Interview by Julia Hurd, December 2013

Vernon Contessa

“What is that source? It is the advice and talks from Bapak. The one who received the latihan first was Bapak. The one who felt the latihan first was Bapak. …this is why I recommend we should be diligent in reading Bapak’s talks. The talks do not change; they are all on the same topic. It is the one who reads the talks who changes – his or her understanding grows.” – Ibu Rahayu, 30 July 2013, 13 CDK 2

Vernon Contessa had the vision to create a Subud Library over 30 years ago and has had the ability and enduring dedication to maintain what became the Subud Library website,, since its inception over 20 years ago. The inspiration and reason for the Library reflect Vernon’s belief in the importance of reading Bapak’s and Ibu’s talks. Continue reading