Remembering Gene Castillo

The memorial service Gene Castillo, longtime member of the Subud Boston, there were a number of pictures of Gene and her family taken over the course of her life. Emmanuel got copies of some of them and sent them for posting. As Emmanuel said in his email, “She was quite a babe, no?”

Winter Photos — 2014-15

Ruslan Henderson

Cassidy Sterling

Emmanuel Aronie

Maria Contessa


Christmas Party 2014

Subud Boston Christmas Party 2014 (Gene Castillo front and center)

Subud Boston Christmas Party 2014 (Gene Castillo front and center)

Hayden Brown, Gene Castillo, Vida Fruebis, and Dorothea Gillim-Osborne at the Subud Boston Christmas Party.

Gene suffered a stroke last summer and has been in rehabilitation since then. Her daughter brought her to the party and the group was ecstatic to see her again.

Photo Contest

just got an idea…brothers and sisters…

I’ve thought about it for about 7 minutes.… I apologize for not really thinking this through…

But, there are so many visual people in our world, in our Subud world,plus, spouses and friends …let’s have a Photo Contestor photo collection…

Come on…some of these autumn shots are stunning…

I’m struck by the beauty of life..amidst the awfulness… Can there be too much beauty? In this crazy world of ours..I don’t think so…

Let’s try to find out…

please, if you feel moved, share a photo..or two…

your brother, Emmanuel

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Hayden Brown

Genta Dhyatmika

Maria Wallington

Ruslan Henderson

Suzanne Renna

Cassidy Sterling

Jillian Hensley

Wahyu Dhyatmika