Committee meeting onboard

Committee Meeting January 21, 2014

Submitted by Vida Fruebis

A Most Unusual Committee Meeting

Cassidy had invited me to his boat in the Boston Bay Marina for our January committee meeting. Samuel unfortunately could not make it. What a treat to visit somebody making his home on the water year-round. When I arrived, there was a huge orange freighter beyond the fairly deserted marina. Cassidy told me that the ship brings salt to Boston to treat the roads.

salt pileThe temperature never went above 15 degrees but Cassidy’s boat was very warm and very cozy. I had to get used to the gentle swaying of the boat, it took me by surprise several times. With a cups of hot tea in our hands, we went to work immediately. The first item on our agenda was to tie up loose ends for our February Kedjiwaan Day. After conferring with Ruslan on the phone it turned out that his computer is broken and the paper invitations have not been printed or sent yet so we will need to do this as soon as possible.

There are also discrepancies between all the different existing address lists beyond the current directory, the newest being the SignUp Genius list. For every event, different groups of people are invited and we need to gather, streamline and update the lists and put them all in one place. Cassidy has spent endless hours entering data into Excel files and we hope to use those in the future. We found out from Ruslan who the people are who usually get invited to Kedjiwaan Day and we’ll put this into records we can access in the future.

Another list that urgently needs updating is the old birthday list from 2011. We crossed out the names of those who had permanently moved away or had requested to be removed from the directory. I have gathered some of the missing information and will try to finish the list as soon as possible. Birthday nights often are the biggest social event of the month, giving us all an opportunity to hang out a bit longer after latihan, sharing a song and some food. The next birthday night would have been on February 9th and maybe we can incorporate it into the day’s activities.

Then Cassidy showed me around the web site he has created. At the moment, Cassidy, Ruslan and I have access to the editor’s tools. Cassidy and I created a calendar entry and wrote a post about cleaning at the temple. The next newsletter will have to come out soon. The web site is a BIG project and we hope that the group will use it as a resource and also participate. Looking at the statistics of the last newsletter we could clearly see that members who live further away have already been using this resource — more than those living directly in and around Boston. Cassidy has very interesting ideas and we spent a good deal of time talking about the long-range plan for the web site. He will share his ideas with the group soon.

Cassidy warmed us some wonderful homemade chicken-vegetable soup and when I left I felt that we had been very productive and very much at peace with what we are doing. The huge orange freighter was gone then and a mountain of whitish stuff had been dumped on land. It looked like a ski mountain.

(Note from Cassidy: the mountain of “whitish stuff” is the salt that is put on the roads. You can see it in the photo above. Trucks come and haul the salt away to towns all over Massachusetts.)

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