Proposed Subud East Coast bylaws

This is a copy of the notice regarding the proposed SEC bylaws that was sent out by Manuella Martinaitis, Acting Chair of Subud East Coast at the end of March 2014

A special meeting of Subud East Coast is hereby called on Sunday, May 25th, 2014 at the Subud East Coast Congress which is being held in conjunction with the Subud USA national congress in Pittsburgh at the Robert Morris University. The purpose of this meeting is to ratify our New East Coast by-laws as well as to test and dertermine new officers for the Dewan

Respectfully Manuela Matinaitis
Acting Chair, Subud East Coast

Read the draft of the proposed SEC bylaws.

The part of the proposed bylaws that is particularly relevent to local groups, such as Subud Boston, is Article III, which defines local centers. Since Subud Boston is already incorporated, we have to determine how this definition will effect us and our relationship to the region.